Best and easiest way (that I’ve found) to extract audio from a DVD.

1 – Use DVD shrink 3.2 to save the VOB files for the part you want to extract.

Choose “Full disc” and then look through the structure and try different Titles (you can play it in the bottom left side) to see which part you’re trying to find.

Once you’ve figured out which “Title #” you want, then switch over to “Re-author” mode.

Scroll down on the right side until you get to the title (in this case “Title 5”) and double click it to add it to the compilation on the left.

Click on “Backup!” and then choose “Hard Disk Folder” for the “Select backup target:” field.

Choose a location to save the files to. You can either check or uncheck the “Create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders checkbox depending on your preference (it actually doesn’t create any AUDIO_TS files in this case, so just leave it unchecked.. I guess it depends on the DVD)

Now use “SmartRipper” to actually extract the audio from the VOB files that DVDShrink created.

I followed this tutorial for this part. But I’m reproducing it here in case it ever goes away and is not available.

Don’t worry if this screen pops up. It still seems to work.


Choose the file location that you saved the VOB files to from DVDShrink in the first part by clicking on the folder and choosing it (in the upper-right corner)

Make sure everything is selected in the “Input” tab. Then click on the “Stream Processing” tab.

Make sure the “Enable Stream Processing” checkbox is checked. You can uncheck the “Video NTSC…” if you only are wanting to extract audio.

Also on the right side change the radio button to “Demux to extra file”

If the “Start” button on the left side doesn’t show up, then be sure that you’ve selected a valid “Target” in that field. It didn’t show up for me at first because it was just pointing to “vts_01” instead of “C:\INC0NNS1\vts_01”

It needs a full path.

Now you can look in the folder you’re working with and there will be a file with an “AC3” extension at the end.

You can open the AC3 file in Audacity just by clicking and dragging it into an open session of Audacity.

From there you can figure out the rest.